What exactly is Laser Reiki?

Laser Reiki - A quantum leap into the future - Level 4

To regress a little - Reiki healing, the well-known healing technique using the laying-on-of-hands method, was formalized by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1850 and is based upon his studies of the healings of the Buddha and all other enlightened masters of those times. Buddha conducted healing through Divine love transmitted through human touch.

In Reiki's Basic Training, the practitioner allows healing energy to first fill their heart area and then flows that energy out to the being in dis-ease through their hands, continuing the Buddha's gentle, but extremely powerful form of healing. The Christ healing energy is also the same as Reiki.

Today, Reiki is taught and practiced all over the world and various initiations and training levels are available to reach "Reiki Master" proficiency. In most systems of Usui Reiki training there are three levels to attain Master.

The first-degree initiate (Level 1) is fully capable of healing themselves and other people. The second-degree (Level 2) involves emotional/mental healings plus learning to heal the physical body at a distance (remote healing). Third-degree initiates (Reiki Master - Level 3) have completed all the basic training, have been taught the secret symbols and with these have the capacity to attune and initiate others in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees.

In modern terms the "secret symbols" are simply software that is installed in the consciousness of the individual. It tells the subconscious mind to go ahead and allow you to flow up to 60% more god energy through your body. You can then flow it out to perform the various types of healing disciplines. You are never flowing your own energy. You do not feel tired. The more healing work you do the better you feel! This is because you are getting the first use of this energy as it fills your body and then flows out to others.

Now, Reiki Masters, Taylore Vance and Roi Halse both of Chehalis, Washington have introduced new healing concepts that take Reiki a quantum leap into the future.

"In 1994 we discovered additional levels of Reiki healing beyond Masters." Taylore explains, "I call Level 4 -- Laser Reiki (LR) and Level 5 -- Cosmic Energetic Healing (CEH). They are light years ahead of basic Reiki." LR & CEH as defined and taught by Roi and Taylore heals at the atomic, sub-atomic, quantum and original creation level. Its impact can in many cases cause the body to instantly heal itself, and the mind and spirit as well.

In the traditional 3 levels of Reiki you are flowing the god force energy as it flows from the 4th dimension to heal the physical. In other words, you are flowing energy to mass. It works, but it may take several weeks or more to permanently bring wellness to an individual.

With the use of Laser Reiki and Cosmic Energetic Healing the energy flows directly from the 6th or higher dimensions directly into the patient's energy body where it first aligns the energy body with a hologram of perfection. Next, the healing flows naturally into the physical body. In other words, the transfer of healing flows from energy to energy. This is hundreds of times more efficient. Instant healings can and do happen! (Many times, but not every time because there are other factors involved.)

After practicing Reiki several years, Spirit began to tell Taylore and Roi that there was a much quicker and better way to do the healings. Since they were already becoming bored, spending so much time treating a client, deep inside they knew there was a better way. They were all ears at the wonderful news. With time speeding up it just makes sense that healing methods are also speeding up. Healing that used to take several weeks now might take only 20 minutes.

Traditional Reiki's techniques have been known to correct the imbalances in the body that cause aches and pains, ulcers, chemical imbalances, skin problems, back pain, high or low blood pressure, poor eye sight, asthma, allergies, heart problems, cancer, AIDS and many others.

Laser Reiki and Cosmic Energetic Healing has been shown to be even more effective on all of these above conditions and on a wide arena of less physical based dis-eases such as mood swings, emotional crises, anger, mental illness, depression, tension, anxiety, trauma, feelings of not being good enough, feelings of being unworthy, sexual dysfunctions, sexual abuse, jealousy, self esteem issues, phobias, dogmas, being stuck, grief, loss, betrayal, self sabotage, and fear of success/failure resulting in financial problems. Even having a lack of money or a poverty consciousness are conditions, which can be healed. LR and CEH heal Ancient curses, hexes, and entity or demon possession.

Most people don't realize that personal poverty is just as much a dis-ease as the brand name diseases and can be healed just as effectively. In our society it is the basic dis-ease. By healing personal poverty and the feelings brought on by a lack of adequate funds any of the brand name diseases are much easier to work with. It is necessary to heal the feelings of “unworthiness”, “not deserving”, “not feeling good enough”, etc.

Taylore and Roi recently published a do-it-yourself manual giving you several simple actions you can take to increase your affluence and erase your personal poverty consciousness. Those who've made these simple changes have as much as tripled their income without working any harder or becoming better educated, etc., etc. The title is "How to Attract Wealth" Subtitle "Ordinary people bridge the gap between broke and prosperity."

Science seems to have proven that we are even born with tendencies for disease and problems. These show up imprinted within the cells in three ways: 1) energy blockages from unresolved problems from the past, 2) genetic tendencies from our biological lineage, and 3) those astrological tendencies caused by the birth/conception date. These are very similar to abandoned software still operating behind the scenes in a computer. Each disruptive program causes little disturbances in the overall well being of an individual.

The difference Laser Reiki and Cosmic Energetic Healing bring to the art begins at the basic levels. While traditional Reiki teaches the initiate to "flow" healing energy, described as much like the spray of a water hose, LR & CEH as practiced and taught by Roi and Taylore, refines that flow to laser-like targeting. Energy is allowed to flow directly into the energy blockage of the body. This method of treatment uses the "Laser Reiki" techniques to concentrate this neutral, universal energy and focuses it precisely. It will energize and balance the body, but can do no harm. The ability to perform Laser Reiki is 100% transferable to the student. The LR & CEH practitioner does not need to touch the body being healed. Healings can be sent cross-country, around the globe, or even to the past or future when necessary. Hundreds of students are learning these advanced healing techniques.

Taylore and Roi are a married couple and they share years of study and training in the healing arts, as well as, in the Spiritual Nature of humanity. They experimented with their healings using principles of new physics that demonstrates the impact on our physical reality at quantum, atomic and sub-atomic levels, and they utilize parts of other healing modalities to get to the root cause of issues. Using elements of Kinesiology (muscle testing), for example, they establish direct contact with an individual's sub-conscious mind and begin an elaborate dialogue with the inner knowingness. This technique reveals blockages, which are immediately targeted with the "Laser Reiki" energy flow.

No matter what healing modality you now practice, the ability to find the root cause of the dis-ease is essential to an efficient cure. Among other information you can obtain from the patients subconscious mind is the percentage of effectiveness your healing will produce. Can you do any good? What percent of the problem can you heal in one session? How many treatments will it take? Does the patient really want healing? Etc. The wisdom is always in your questions. You are acting as a consciousness detective.

It is reassuring to know the effects of the Death Hormone, as identified in the Kryon books, can be reversed. There are energy points known to the body where aging can be halted and growing younger can be reinforced.

"The cause of disease or injury is always an energy blockage which has prohibited the natural flow of healing well-being and health, " said Taylore, "Health and well-being are natural to the body." she elaborated. "When a baby is conceived the body is literally built from the fertilized egg cell using the DNA blueprint. That same DNA blueprint provides for the on-goingness of the body through healing. What prevents the body from using it to repair all damages? Energy blockages! They are like little dams that slow down and divert the natural flow of well-being and partially block the self-healing process. We've found a quick way to remove the energy blockages, so that healing may began."

In the book, "The Pleiadian Agenda" by Barbara Hand Clow, she writes, "The Pleiadians have spoken fondly of body work. Lying in deeply wounded places in your body are the multidimensional experiences that you had in the past that can trigger your consciousness now; you were not able to integrate the experiences when they occurred before. Yet, the energy had to be activated in your bodies for you to have something to work toward. You must realize you often have experiences that have bad parts, and then you deny the whole experience and bury it."

Actually there are neither bad or good experiences. There are just experiences. Some we'd like to do over and over and others we'd rather not. By judging them good or bad and not coming to terms with the bad we form emotional energy blockages that are carried from generation to generation in our basic blueprint. Until these are erased at their root they will continue to cause dis-ease. Chronic pain with no known cause is a good example.

With LR & CEH you are able to quickly release and integrate these bad parts or "victim type" experiences as they come up. You can even do it as you drive down the highway on the way to the office. Since at the basic level these energy disturbances are almost all software problems they usually can be easily extracted from your consciousness. After a treatment with this new type of Reiki the client usually feels much lighter as if a huge weight has lifted off his or her body.

Continuing in the "The Pleiadian Agenda" it is warned, "You are being tested and explored by your Anunnaki scientists. They tell you that they can heal disease by repairing your DNA. I, Satya, can tell you that your DNA can only be repaired by releasing negative emotions, by clearing miasmas out of your bodies, and your regaining mental clarity and pure spiritual integrity. Your DNA and your body are a reflection of you, so work on yourself and be very careful about who dissects you."

The range of CEH's focus and utilization is broad, including scanning the various levels of being: physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, or spiritual level to locate a source of dis-ease and negative emotions. Further, the healer pursues a host of possible causes for the imbalances, always following with the flow of energy to the pinpointed area of concern.

Robert Bly, author of "A Little Book on the Shadow" talks about each of us stuffing our emotional, sexual, psychological issues into a bag and thereby having less energy in our life. This is just another way of looking at energy blockages, keeping the full flow of energy "bagged" up in old problems. Once these issues are identified, they are easily released with Laser Reiki.

The healing team is available to come to your area if you have 12 students. They have opened an energy healing school in Chehalis, Washington where they give this training several times a year. Here they take the art of healing into etheric realms where possible problems at the genetic levels, or beyond time and space are identified and balanced.

Even though it's not necessary to have any type of health training to successfully take this course, you will often find practitioners of all modalities in these workshops adding to their skills. If you are already a Reiki Master, you won't be repeating anything that is already taught at that level. The school also teach Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III at other times. The traditional Reiki is not required as a prerequisite to take Laser Reiki. See schedule for those classes.

"During our daily lives we are effected by the normal stresses of existence in our society, our family, and earning a living" added Roi. "Besides what we can hear, see and feel, we are affected by many unseen energies carried into the present moment from a past experience either in this life, a past life, a movie we saw or even from our genetic heritage. With Cosmic Energetic Healing through Laser Reiki we can reach into the past and remove the root cause of present-day illnesses. It's like a miracle. I've never seen another method of healing work so quickly or be so easy to learn!"

Taylore and Roi are also available for personal healings.